Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions we often get. Please preview the FAQs to see if any of them answer your specific question.

DEZIGN SMITH is a multidisciplinary creative, innovative and brand building company offering result-oriented creative inputs for creating effective Corporate Identity & Branding, Website Designs, Marketing Campaigns: both print and digital, Email Marketing, Graphics, Brochures, E-Catalogues, BTL activities, Corporate Promotions and a lot more.

Need help, but not sure of how to start with? Our Retainer Agreements are the perfect way of working method for those who want flexibility. Assigning a fixed monthly creative fee for the clients gives DEZIGN SMITH the freedom to explore creative ideas that may never be finalized or billed but at the same time lead to the most innovative and successful marketing ideas. This method of working relationship allows you to reserve time from our network of creative professionals and technical experts and then use it on-demand, as and when you need it over one years time. In Retainer agreements, we offer Graphic Designing, Website Maintenance, Newsletter & Emailer designing and email marketing, etc.

Websites these days are considered a mirror to the organization. The number of people browsing internet for information, is increasing exponentially with each passing day, and it is becoming imperative for companies to have an online presence. A Website can help you overcome the limited reach of traditional print and broadcast media, making it possible for you to reach a truly widespread and diverse audience. Through this you can get the most value from the marketing materials you've already created by making them easily accessible to your site's users.

Getting started is quick and easy. You just need to set up a account at DEZIGN SMITH. Once logged in you can upload your databse, or choose a mailing list option, select a template for your email and send it out. Our system will walk you through each step of the process, and once you've sent your email out we'll give you stats like who's opening it and clicking on links. We also help you expand your reach by sharing your emails on social media, all included in your account.

No! Email marketing is an inexpensive way to keep in touch with your customers. For around a paisa’s per email address you can keep in touch with your customers and update them on what's going with your business. Plus, email marketing has a great ROI, for each paisa spent you could see a return. For more information on pricing, please call 9810680034.

Bulk Email Marketing is one of the cheapest & most cost effective ways to send your corporate message out to all your potential customers at one go. Mass e-mailing service saves you lot of time and money. All you need to do is keep your databases and email lists updated.